sound: the mental design

Open up to startling possibilities with the dimension of SOUND - for the emotional staging of your brand, exhibition, events and media.

The people of Corporate Sound AG are audio branding innovators with a whole lot of experience. We perceive sound as an invisible design dimension allowing for the creation of highly tangible and most intense worlds without being obliged to actually build or physically manifest them. Sound is a design dimension that evokes powerful inward images and fields of association at the touch of a button, triggering emotions and moods, giving rise to spaces, sceneries and brand environments and advancing right into people’s heads and motivation centres. It is a design dimension featuring an unimaginable development potential and enabling the creation of new experiences in all spheres of life and design. You're invited to surf through our services and discover new possibilities to amplify the emotional impact of your screnns, audio branding applications, rooms, shops and products.

We are looking forward to meeting your challenges, and opening the doors to this new dimension for all your applications by involving a new way of thinking.