we make the mental power of your company come alive

Every company has its own identity and a unique brand personality. It is perfectly manifested in all visual and physical expressions of the company.

But there is - like the unconscious part of our being - a huge hidden intangible expression and power in the company that is not yet manifested. The power of emotions, dreams, creativity, feelings, liveliness and imagination. Short: The MENTAL space of the company, the employees, the clients and the stakeholders. This power waits to be manifested as a tangible expression of the company.

Designer, Consultant, Sound Artist and Lecturer Peter Philippe Weiss draws from his exceptional experience (see CV) and therefore can deliver unique, innovative and unconventional solutions for strategic company goals. With auditory solutions far beyond music and sound productions. Together with the team of his company Corporate Sound AG he can lift this mental potential in your company. Together with you. In numerous fields: innovation management, organisation development, vision building, as well as audible design for media, spaces and products up to an integral audible brand strategy with a corporate sound.

We build a new space where future happens.

We are the original. 
“Corporate Sound” is a protected brand of Corporate Sound AG, Basel, Switzerland. It was invented by Peter Philippe Weiss as an integral audible brand strategy (first published 1994 by THEXIS).